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Massimo Discepoli - Daniel Barbiero
An Eclipse Of Images

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"Is this music jazz? I'd argue yes; there are improvised pieces and parts assembled in a very thoughtful inspired manner by two sympathetic musicians." All About Jazz (Mark Corroto)

""An Eclipse Of Images" is an uncategorizable treat. It combines a haunting, electroacoustic feel with spacious drones and loose percussion. Not quite in the ambient, classical, rock, free improv, or jazz vein, Discepoli and Barbiero borrow deftly from each of these styles and combine them into new forms. Highly recommended." Avant Music News

"An exceptional mixture [...] An album one of its kind" Percorsi Musicali

"Fantastic...really really fine work" Don Campau (No Pigeonholes)

"Definitely a remarkable work, in which two musicians of great sensitivity have the opportunity to establish a inspired and fruitful dialogue" DrumSet Mag

"A collaboration certainly successful, interesting especially for its ability to generate "hybrids" able to escape any attempt to catalog" So What

"The Stream Under Consciousness” featured as Track Of The Day on All About Jazz

"“An Eclipse of Images” displays a sense of loveliness courtesy of Discepoli-Barbiero’s uncanny ability to communicate with each other." Beach Sloth

"A successful album, which is worth savoring carefully." Traks

"Massimo Discepoli and Daniel Barbiero are able to provide the audience with a composition that whilst not following regular pattern doesn’t leave the brain confused by the ideas as they are equally capable of tempering the juxtapositions in a manner that doesn’t reveal discordance, rather combinations of contrasting harmonics which are able to gradually interweave and the finished product is a calmness of movement which has a sense of organic evolution." Emerging Indie Bands

"By combining their amazing talents, Massimo and Daniel were able to create melodies that are texturized electronic abstractions, music that is both soothingly melodic and startlingly discordant" The Voice Magazine

"An interesting album[...]a pleasant surprise" Progwereld

on air on: Head Room, No Pigeonholes, Crow Versus Crow, Phantom Circuit, Curved Radio

interviews on: Oblique Musique,

Intervista per Drum Club (Dicembre 2014)