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The Right Place on the Wrong Map

Massimo Discepoli – “The Right Place on the Wrong Map”

“The Right Place… is an abstract and polyphonic ride into a heady cloud of improvised jazz, percussive phraseology, and galactic vistas. As a taster for the album, it promises much and demonstrates Discepoli‘s mastery of musical juxtaposition. Beautifully resonant and texturally shifting, The Right Place on the Wrong Map is a profound and ethereal trip into a twilight world of imaginary landscapes.” Getintothis
“The affair offers an appealingly hazy daydream for anyone similarly happy to let go of obvious expectations.[…]This map is an unexpectedly big one with plenty of chances for detours.” All About Jazz
“A musician with excellent narrative skills and able to draw exciting landscapes, with great delicacy and deep sensitivity.” Battiti (Rai Radio 3)
“A pleasant and peaceful place where you can get lost for a moment, abandoning yourself to a reassuring feeling of lightness” Blow Up (January 2019)
“Discepoli is an imaginative, creative drummer who can balance color against propulsion, and dynamics against the demands of expression” Avant Music News (Daniel Barbiero)
“The album is warm and inviting, an open door for those who want to trust their musical GPSes” A Closer Listen
“The Right Place In The Wrong Map returns us the figure of a musician who escapes a good number of clichés, as well as the clutches of the timbric research for the sake of it. A gray, solitary and moving winter landscape.” The New Noise
“A beautiful ride through electronic, improvised music, jazz, leftfield and beyond.” The Attic
“A carefully and tastefully organized trip” Vital Weekly
“An imaginary sensory drift” So What
“A fascinating album” Esperienze Sonore
“Accessible but with an interesting edge” Difficult Listening
“Abstract music, made with command of language and professional skills” (Bruno Pollacci) Anima Jazz
“A disk full of sensations and vibrations, with an excellent mix of sounds.” Traks
on air on:
Battiti (Rai Radio 3), Foreign Accents, Radio Popolare (Prospettive Musicali), Anima Jazz, O dominio dos deuses, Space is the Place, Night Tides

An Eclipse Of Images

Massimo Discepoli – Daniel Barbiero – “An Eclipse Of Images”

Selected as one of the best 2016 album by Avant Music News

Selected as one of the best 2016 album by Sonfmarketing

“Is this music jazz? I’d argue yes; there are improvised pieces and parts assembled in a very thoughtful inspired manner by two sympathetic musicians.” All About Jazz (Mark Corroto)

“Seven very interesting compositions[…]a distinctive sound[…]a fine work” Battiti (Radio Rai 3)

“”An Eclipse Of Images” is an uncategorizable treat. It combines a haunting, electroacoustic feel with spacious drones and loose percussion. Not quite in the ambient, classical, rock, free improv, or jazz vein, Discepoli and Barbiero borrow deftly from each of these styles and combine them into new forms. Highly recommended.” Avant Music News

“An exceptional mixture […] An album one of its kind” Percorsi Musicali

“I enjoyed [An Eclipse of Images], especially the drumming–it seems to add an extra dimension.” Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector

“A beautiful release” Vital Weekly

“Fantastic…really really fine work” Don Campau (No Pigeonholes)

“A very enjoyable listen! Recommended for sure.” Gapplegate Guitar and Bass Blog

“Definitely a remarkable work, in which two musicians of great sensitivity have the opportunity to establish a inspired and fruitful dialogue” DrumSet Mag

“A collaboration certainly successful, interesting especially for its ability to generate “hybrids” able to escape any attempt to catalog” So What

“A beautiful album” Esperienze Sonore

“The Stream Under Consciousness” featured as Track Of The Day on All About Jazz

“The brilliant interaction between the double-bass, percussion, and electronic synth sounds create an experience that constantly leaves you in different musical worlds. You hear jazz, avant-garde classical, ambient and so much more within this record that each listen brings a new perspective. It is a truly wondrous thing.” Mixolydian Blog

““An Eclipse of Images” displays a sense of loveliness courtesy of Discepoli-Barbiero’s uncanny ability to communicate with each other.” Beach Sloth

“A successful album, which is worth savoring carefully.” Traks

“Massimo Discepoli and Daniel Barbiero are able to provide the audience with a composition that whilst not following regular pattern doesn’t leave the brain confused by the ideas as they are equally capable of tempering the juxtapositions in a manner that doesn’t reveal discordance, rather combinations of contrasting harmonics which are able to gradually interweave and the finished product is a calmness of movement which has a sense of organic evolution.” Emerging Indie Bands

“By combining their amazing talents, Massimo and Daniel were able to create melodies that are texturized electronic abstractions, music that is both soothingly melodic and startlingly discordant” The Voice Magazine

“An interesting album[…]a pleasant surprise” Progwereld

on air on: ResonanceFM (The Sound Projector Radio Show), Head Room, No Pigeonholes, Crow Versus Crow, Phantom Circuit, Curved Radio, O Dominio Dos Deuses

interviews on: Oblique Musique,


Massimo Discepoli – “Parallax”

“Un lavoro di grande impatto” Battiti (Radio Rai 3)

“A beautiful journey” À découvrir absolument

“This album is a real treat for musicians of all sorts and dreamers alike” Peek-A-Boo

“The album seems to be completely singular. Discepoli’s experiments pay off– Parallax is highly recommended.” Foreign Accents

“Percussionist Massimo Discepoli introduces a modified sound on Parallax, with melodic ambience that borders on post-rock” A Closer Listen

“A varied set of ambient soundscapes in which the foregrounding of instrumentation helps establish and maintain (for the most part) a sense of direction in an all-too-often meandering musical genre” The Sound Projector

“The pieces are exquisite miniatures, detailed and precise, able to contain whole worlds within them” We need no swords

“Musica ambient senza compromessi, in cui lo strumento principale è ancora, sorprendentemente, la batteria acustica, seppur trasfigurata in un ruolo inedito” Suono (Giugno 2015)

“Un delizioso paradosso” Drumset Mag (Dicembre 2014)

“Otto composizioni[…]che si elevano al di sopra della media in virtù di una filigrana finissima a cui fanno da sottofondo parti di batteria che conferiscono dinamicità e corposità al suono.[…]Bel disco.” Blow Up (Ottobre 2014)

“Otto fluorescenze ambient ad accendersi nella penombra” Kathodik

“It’s a fascinating journey from start to finish, through various moods and levels of intensity[…]Fans of atmospheric music should give this a listen; it might keep them up at night — in the best possible way.” Exposé

“One (talented) man ambient album, somewhat unique in the prominent placement of drums” KFJC 89.7 FM

“High quality music for connoisseurs” Darkroom

“A minimal ambient basis on which [Massimo Discepoli] lays percussion improvisations, usually discrete and lightweight” EtherREAL

“Parallax is a seeming paradox that ends up being a delight to listen to.” Stationary Travels

“An abstract and classy work” Arlequins

“The originality in the Parallax experience lies in providing a different point of view: you can soar in the infinite spaces with the help of electronics, but you never get the impression of constructions built for their own sake. You feel part of a continuous movement, without the risk of ever losing the beat.” TraKs

“There is a certain feeling of momentum on display in these compositions that is often missing in other ambient material due to the musical accents the percussion provides. It’s a fascinating musical experiment and a successful one I would say, adding yet another dimension to a musical form that tries to avoid being overly direct. In the end I quite enjoyed what was going on here. It’s kind of a bold place to take the ambient genre and worth investigating.” The Progressive Rock Files

on air/featured on: SomaFM, In the Quiet, All About Jazz, X-Rated (, Le Carillon (CISM 89,3 FM), Crow Versus Crow, Radio On Berlin, Lord Litter, Anima Jazz, Radio Kras, O domínio dos deuses

Flying and the silence

Nheap – “Flying and the silence”

“Beautifully-crafted and richly-textured music” All About Jazz

“It seems that the multi-faceted drummer and composer from Perugia will become one of the guiding stars in contemporary eclectic music” Darage Bang

“”Flying and the silence” is a an excellent project” Mescalina

“An album that reachs great heights in its misty and spontaneous dimensions” Shiver

“The drumming alone is enough to justify the purchase of this album” Open

“A fine listen” Monsieur Délire

“A great album” Terrascope

“Within one hour of music, Massimo unfolds a very interesting mix of ambient music, based on a jazz/avant-garde background, in a very relaxed setting but without lacking experimentation.”Just In Case

“An album that merits an inspection by those fond of music careful in expression and curious about the end result, when electronic music, post rock and jazz all are used to supply stylistic details to a dream-laden musical landscape.” Progressor

“A vast sound that seems as if it is constantly shifting” Beach Sloth

“An enchanting handling of various aspects of contemporary serious music” Sounds Behind The Corner

“If you love sophisticated and avant-garde music, not hesitate to take the time to listen to this album. It will not disappoint.” Extra!

“Discepoli may have been known as a drummer by trade but here he once again demonstrates the beauty of multi-layered arrangements, with that all-important warmth still intact.” Leonard’s Lair

“An album to love viscerally, to listen and listen, that I would call “dreamy”, because of its hypnotic qualities and for that feeling of bliss that infuses” Audiofollia

“An enthralling experience” Where is the club?

“A very interesting work” mMusic

“An amazing sounding album” Mogio

“[…]This makes Flying and the silence more of an experience than just a session of listening to an album; it transcends the ordinary with dynamic instrumentation and imaginative composition that is pleasing to both the ears and the mind.” The Indie Mine

“Listening to this album is like enjoying a painting” Musichronic

“I immediately got caught by the relaxing mood but above all the warm sound of the Fender Rhodes piano that features on many tracks besides a whole range of other keyboards and synths. It surprised me that Massimo is originally a drummer though, a job he also does very tasteful.” Echoes And Dust & Spotlight On

“With this album, your introduction to Nheap could become a long-term love” Progwereld

“Discepoli follows through on his vision of a music that floats between jazz, rock, and electronic realms.” Exposé

“What attracts me most is the fluidity of the rhythms, their being suspended in mid-air, heedless of the Earth’s gravity.” NetMusic Life

“Primary colors” selected as “MP3 of the Day” by All About Jazz

“Nheap has the ability to fuse much into a track, whilst delivering sounds of calmness and relaxation” Emerging Indie Bands

on air on Sequences, Beyond the Fringe, Lord Litter, Progressive Positivity, Anima Jazz, Esperienze Sonore, Progulus and many others radio programs

“We recommend that you immerse yourself in this long journey, where you leave the body’s way and you embark on a metaphysical path in search of purity of mind.” La Caduta

“Wandering” featured on Syndae

Clouds under the table

Nheap – “Clouds under the table”

“I just think this entire album is beautiful” All About Jazz (U.S.A.)

featured in “2011 – A Year in Music” by Burning Dervish

selected as a “Top 10 album of 2011” by NetMusic Life

selected as a “Top 10 album of 2011” by Doujin-music

“[…]piani sonori che si sovrappongono con calma e leggerezza[…]” All About Jazz (Italy)

“Paesaggi sonori mutevoli[…]I riferimenti sono in certa ambient music degli anni Ottanta e Novanta, da Brian Eno a Harold Budd, con qualche suggestione post-rock” Musica Jazz

“Textures of the best post rock, free of genre clichés. […]All the work is inspired and inspiring, moved by a research of technique and sound not indifferent” RockIt

“Nheap creates amazing instrumental music” Because I have mind

“One of the best electronica album i heard this autumn.” Yamanote Dreams

“”Clouds under the table” is an excellent and eclectic work, with countless influences[…]a never boring instrumental album that offers surprises after many listening” NetMusic Life

“Wonderfully consistent and cohesive, yet accessible and inventive” AmbientExotica

“A charming album of musical carvings[…] For fans of intense and complex listening experiences or for those searching for music to help them concentrate on their own works of art, Clouds Under The Table by Nheap is a must-hear album.” Space Giraffe

“Nheap proves to be an artist at 360 degrees thanks to the skill of knowing how to juggle very well both in harmonic and in discontinuous phases, and often managing to combine the two souls.” Sonofmarketing

“”Ambient” might begin to describe this music, but the presence of Discepoli’s relatively straightforward drumming gives the compositions more of a rootedness and energy than that to which most typical electronic ambient music lays claim” All About Jazz

“A vibrant and rich sonic color palette combined with soul shaking melodies and a live drum set move this music to a post rock/jazz fusion line where it music rests comfortably while creating an ambient pulse.[…]Clouds Under The Table is a well thought out and impeccably performed sonic food for the visceral as well as the cerebral” @Critical Jazz

“[…]you will encounter the mellifluous minimalism of Steve Reich hand-in-hand with the idm of Boards Of Canada and moments that bring to mind a classic jazz Miles or Coltrane with post rock bands such as Tortoise and Do Make Say Think. Nheap presents a deep sound, which do you disguise gradually after several hearings, continually discovering details and elements that make it all more interesting. But, since the first listening, the music relaxes, calms and travels. Intricate rhythms meet simple and beautiful melodies, experimentation and relaxed, cool ideas. In this helps amazing drums and percussion that stimulates the more abstract and ambient compositions. Thus, the “heavy” avant-garde atmosphere somehow unload through the filter of a warm mood.[…]”Music on air

“[…]an impressive consolidation of Discepoli’s distinctive sound.” Leonard’s Lair

“A well thought out musical maneuver” bahgheera’s orbit

“I can only agree with the statement that creative music can also be warm, for instance, if to regard Massimo Discepoli`s 8-piece brand new one” Recent music heroes

“Relaxing, but very thoughtful at the same time, recommended” Hidden Vibes Community

“Rides” featured as “Download of the day” on AllAboutJazz

On air on SomaFM

On air on Aural Moon

Featured on Syndae

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